Hans Albanese–Freelance Writer in Albany, NY

My name is Hans Albanese. I am a freelance writer, editor, and copywriter. Although I live in Albany, NY, I write for clients in many parts of the world. Most of my work is in the business and education fields—everything from textbooks to business newsletters and blogs.

What I do

Business and Commercial Writing (Copywriting)

Most businesses need good writing. But business people are tremendously busy doing many jobs, dealing with today’s crises, planning for tomorrow, and getting things done. There are only 24 hours in a day. They don’t have the time to write a newsletter, three blog posts a week, and a brochure while they keep their web site up to date.

A good newsletter builds customer loyalty through disseminating useful information. Writing blog posts keeps customers in touch with your business, informing them about product or service updates in seconds.

How can a freelance writer help you do this? Let’s talk. Contact me at hwa [at] albapages [dot] net or use the contact form on this site.

I also do in-house documents for companies and NGOs, including product manuals, procedure and policy manuals, reports, booklets, and so on. If you have a project or you’d like to have a consultation, contact me and we can arrange a consultation.

Education Writing

I also write for educational institutions. One of my specialties is writing for international programs. Having spent years living and teaching overseas, I am an expert in ESL writing and curriculum.

Every program, course, or class is unique. But most ESL textbooks are published for a  global audience. Naturally, they cannot fit everyone.

In fact, many teachers are not satisfied with the textbooks they use. For this reason, many international programs currently wish to create textbooks that are tailored to their students’ needs, interests, goals, and abilities.

How can I help you do this? I have over fifteen years in ESL curriculum design, and I’ve worked with educational institutions all over the globe. For more information, contact me at hwa [at] albapages [dot] net or use the contact form on this site.


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