My name is Hans Albanese. I’m a freelance writer and copywriter. I live in Albany, NY, USA, but I write for clients worldwide. I write for education and businesses—everything from textbooks to commercial pamphlets.

Want to read more about me?  (I’m not that exciting, honestly.)

What I do

Is your company’s sales text boring? Out of date? Too blah? Want to revive it?

I write copy (words) that boost ads, brochures, or web sites.

Need good copy for your business? Let’s talk.

Are you looking for someone to write reading articles for your next textbook?

I have over twenty years in curriculum design. I’ve worked with educational institutions all over the globe.

 You know what you need, so help me to help you.

I also do in-house documents for companies and NGOs: product manuals, procedure and policy manuals, reports, and so on. If you have a project or you’d like to have a consultation, contact me. Inquiries are welcome.