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Hans Albanese – Writing Samples


Technical Writing

For samples of my technical writing, the best place to look is New York State. I was part of the Content and Portal Team that built the content for the New York State Business Express.

Here are links to some of the content I developed with this team.

How to Start a Business in New York

License and Permit Renewals

Manage Your Business Needs



For proposal and grant samples, please contact me directly. For privacy reasons, I do not put proposals or grant proposals on this page. If  you are interested in reading a sample, I can mail you a grant proposal that I’ve modified to serve as a sample.


Other Technical and Business Writing Samples

This is a publicity booklet I wrote for the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This booklet promotes the JCCI’s activities in domestic business and international trade. It is written for an international audience.


This is a sample press release for a new smartphone application. It is aimed at busy homeowners who hate doing yard work.

Sample Press Release


This is a company newsletter that profiles the users of this local company’s unique machines. This newsletter and profile would be read by other companies in its industry.



A sample email newsletter for a real estate company. This is targeted at people who are selling their homes but aren’t having much success at attracting buyers.

A sample email newsletter

Sample Email Newsletter


This is a newsletter / brochure about international students and colleges in the Capital Area of New York State. It talks about recent trends and opportunities. Made with Adobe InDesign

newsletter sample by Hans Albanese, Albany NY, freelance writer

A print newsletter about international education in Albany, NY


I wrote this article for an American magazine about school life in Japan. It focuses on a typical day in the life of a Japanese middle school student with comparisons to school life in America.


This is a short manual for teachers that explains how to use WordPress to post messages and pictures. This was written for teachers travelling to Australia with students on home-stays. I have taken the technical process of using WordPress and made it easy-to-understand for the common reader.

Hans Albanese, Sample Instruction Manual

This is a manual about using WordPress, the Content Management System.



Education Samples

These are a few samples from ESL (English as a Second Language) textbooks that I’ve worked on. All of these samples were written to a specific grade level and level of vocabulary. These textbooks are used internationally.

image423547          image423548          image423550