Who am I?


Hans Albanese hwa at albapages.netHi. I’m Hans Albanese, freelance business writer / grant writer.

I have been a professional writer since college, where my first project was a huge one. I wrote a procedure and policy manual for a company in Elmira.

Later, I worked overseas in Japan where I wrote, edited, and after learning Japanese, translated documents. I worked for a several companies there and a few government organizations, including the Bank of Japan and the Japan / Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Now, having returned home to the United States, I write on a freelance basis. This ranges from proposals and newsletters to blogs. I also do some educational writing. I live near Albany, NY.


 Some other random facts:

1. I lived in Japan for many years, where I developed an extensive and intensive knowledge of Japanese culture. This, and the ability to speak, read, and write Japanese are the result of my frustration with not being able to communicate smoothly in Japanese.

2. I enjoy freelance writing, and in my tiny bit of spare time, I write memoirs and short stories. Some of my favorite books are mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, and not surprisingly perhaps, travel memoirs.

3. Yes, I am American! On seeing my name, some people ask me about it, but I was born and raised in America. I was born and grew up in a beautiful village in upstate New York. My name shows my German, Italian, and English-Scottish background, from forefathers (and mothers) who emigrated to America as far back as the Mayflower and as recently as the 1930s. This is as American as it gets!

4. I’ve found the several years I spent in Japan to have been very educational. I taught Japanese students for several years, and found that being able to communicate complex ideas in simple terms to people whose first language is not English is an extremely useful skill for a business writer.

5. I love traveling!

6. I also love learning new things, and am always looking for something new to learn (when I have the time), such as  new computer program (still working on mastering Drupal) or a language (I’d love to improve my Spanish).

Thanks for reading and I’m glad you made it this far.